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John Deere Original Equipment Seal - T20223,1

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John Deere Original Equipment Seal - T20223,1

Fits the following Tractor Models: 1020, 2020, 2030, 2510, 2520, 302, 401B, 4030, 300, 400, 401

Fits the following Power Unit Models: 135, 152, 180, 202, 219, 303D, 303L, 303, 303G, 329

Fits the following Two-Wheel Drive Loader Models: 300B, 301A, 302A, 302

Fits the following Backhoe Loader Models: 300B, 302A

Fits the following Combine Models: 3300

Fits the following Loader Crawler Models: 350, 350C, 401C, 410

Fits the following Log Skidder Models: 440B, 440, 440A

Fits the following Winch Models: 3320, 3325

Made in the USA.
Licensed John Deere OEM Product.
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