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John Deere 2019 Limited Edition Christmas Ornament - LP73722,1

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John Deere 2019 Limited Edition Christmas Ornament - LP73722,1

The Model "R" was a long awaited replacement for the aging Model "D" and became the company's first production diesel. With a 416 CI diesel engine, the "R" would become the highest horsepower tractor to date for John Deere and set a new standard for fuel efficiency in the tractor market.

Number 24 in a series.

John Deere Limited Edition 2019 Christmas Ornament

Each commemorative cast ornament is hand-painted and packed in a keepsake velour pouch stamped with John Deere and the year of issue. This ornament will be created in a one-time production run that will limit availability.

Dimensions: 2” x 2.5”

Licensed John Deere Merchandise
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