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John Deere Original Equipment Gasket - LG692236,1

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John Deere Original Equipment Gasket - LG692236,1

Fits the following Lawn Tractor Models: 102, 105, 107-17HS, 107S, 108-17HS, 115

Fits the following Sabre Models: 1642HS, 1742HS, 1538H, 1646H, 1538HS, 1338G, 1546G, 1538H, 1638HS, 1438GS, 1438GS, 1542GS, 1642V-Twin H, 1642HS, 1642V-Twin G, 1742HS (Model Years 2000 & 2001), 1742GS (Model Years 2000 & 2001),

Fits the following Generator Models: 440G, 250G, 550GE

Fits the following Lawn and Garden Tractor Models: D100, D105, D110, D120, E100, E110, L100, L105, L107, L108, LA100, LA105, LA115, LA110, LA125, X105, X106, X110, X115R, X116R, X120, X125, X126, X145

Fits the following Scotts Models: L1742, S1742

Fits the following Riding Mower Models: GX85, SX85

Fits the following EZtrak Mower Models: Z225

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