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John Deere Home Maintenance Kit - LG265 (2)

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John Deere Original Equipment Filter Kit LG265. This John Deere Home Maintenance Kit has the exact parts you need for convenient at-home, do-it-yourself service, including filters, oil and spark plug(s). This kit fits the following models: John Deere X300R (engine mark FS600v and FS541v), X300(engine mark FS600v and FS541v), X304(engine mark FS600v and FS541v), X320 (engine mark FS600v and models 2011 and newer), X324(engine mark FS600v and model 2011 and newer), X360(engine mark FS600v and model 2011 and newer), X500 (engine mark FS730v), X530 (engine mark FS730v), and X534 (engine mark FS730v). BE SURE TO CHECK THE ENGINE MARK ON YOUR MOWER TO ENSURE THIS IS THE CORRECT KIT - THESE MOWERS HAVE SEVERAL KIT OPTIONS BASED ON ENGINE MARK. IF YOU ARE UNSURE IF THIS IS THE CORRECT KIT PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE PRIOR TO PURCHASING. Kit contains: AM125424 Oil filter (1), AM116304 Fuel filter (1), MIU12554 Air element - foam (1), MIU12555 Air element - paper (1), M805853 (BPR4ES) Spark plugs (2), and TY22029 Oil (2 quarts). This is an OEM John Deere kit.

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