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John Deere Original Equipment Rod - GX24864

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John Deere Original Equipment Rod - GX24864
This fits models: 102(PC9533), 105(PC9540), 107H(PC10748), 107S(PC10749), 115(PC9534), 125(PC9535), 135(PC9536), 145(PC9537), 155C([PC9538), 190C(PC9539), 92H(PC11981), D105(PC11755), D110(PC10442), D120(PC10443), D125(PC12155), D130(PC104440), D140(PC10445), D150(PC10446), D155(PC124950 D160(PC10447), D170(PC10448), E100(PC1334), E110(PC13335), E120(PC13336), E130(PC13337), E140(PC13338), E150(PC13339), E160(PC13340), E170(PC13341), E180(PC13342), G110(PC9342), L100(PC9288), L105(PC9305), L107(PC9306), L108(PC9488), L110(PC9289), L111(PC9458), L118(PC9358), L1209PC9290), L130(PC9291), LA100(PC9630), LA105(PC9740), LA110(PC9631), LA115(PC9741), LA125(PC9742), LA130(PC9633), LA135(PC9743), LA140(PC9634), LA145(PC9744), LA150(PC9635), LA155(PC9745), LA165(PC9746), LA175(PC9747), S240(PC123570, X105(PC12385), X106(PC13343), X110(PC96360, X155R(PC12386), X116R(PC13346), X120(PC9637), X126(PC10449), X126(PX13344), X130R(PC103160, X135R(PC11760), X140(PC96380, X145(10450), X146R(PC133470, X155R(PC10452), X165(PC10451), X166R(PC13348).
Specification: Thread Size 0.394”, Thread / TPI Pitch 1.5, Thread Length 3.346”, Total Length 6.650”, Loop Length 1.860”, Loop Width 0.689”, Style A, Material_ 1038, Finish B.
This is a genuine John Deere part. Thanks for looking!

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