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John Deere Original Equipment Screw - GX24487

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John Deere Original Equipment Screw - GX24487
This fits models: 107H(PC10748), 107S(PC10749), 14.542GS Sabre(PC9095), 325, 335 & 345(PC2428), 7660 cotton picker(PC10502), 7760 cotton picker(SN. N07760X039001-)(PC11502), 92H(PC11981), CP690 cotton picker(PC12380), CS & CX Gator(PC9326), D100(PC10441), D105(PC11755), D110(PC104420, D120(PC10443), D125(PC12155), D130(PC10444), D140(PC10445), D150(PC104460, D155(PC10447), D160(PC104480, D170(PC10448), E100(PC13334), E110(PC13335), E120(PC13336), E130(PC13337), E140(PC13338), E150(PC13339), E160(PC13340), E170(PC13341), E180(PC13342), F510 & F525(PC2262), F710(PC2319), F725(PC103740, F7359PC2662), GT242, GT262 & GT275(PC2342), L100(PC9288), L105(PC9305), L107(PC9306), L108(PC9488), L110(PC9289), L111(PC9458), L120(PC9290), L130(PC9291), LT133(PC2606), LT150(PC9071), LT155(PC2607), LT160(PC9072), LT166(PC2608), LT170(PC9073), LT180(PC9152), LT190(PC9332), LTR155 & LTR166(PC2730), LTR180(PC9156), LX172, LX173, LX176, LX178, LX186 & LX188(PC2317), S240(PC12357), X105(PC123850, X106(PC13343), X115R(PC12386), X116R(PC13346), X125(PC104490, X126(PC13344), X135R(PC117760), X145(PC10450), X146R(PC13347), X1555R(PC10452), X165(PC10451), X166(PC13345), XX166R(PC13348), X300(PC9519), X300R(PC9608), X304(PC9520), X305R(PC10882), X310(PC10883), X320(PC9521), X324(PC9522), X340(PC9523), X350(PC127070, X354(PC12709), X360(PC9764), X370(PC12710), X465(PC9109), X485(PC9111), X495(PC9112), X500(PC9524), X520(PC9525), X530(PC10373), X534(PC9526), X540(PC95270, X575(PC91130, X585(PC9114), X590(PC12400), X595(PC91150, X700(PC9505), X710(PC11843), X720(PC9506), X724(PC9507), X728(PC9508), X729(PC9702), X740(PC9509), X744(PC9510), X748(PC9511), X749(PC9703), XUV560E(PC13268), XUV590M(PC13271), XUV590M S4(PC13273).
Specification: Thread Diameter 0.248 IN,
Length 0.874 IN, Thread and Point Type HILOT, Drive Type, Head Size 0.394 IN,
Head Height 0.241 IN, Size Number 1/4,
Material or Grade STEEL, Finish S.
This is a genuine John Deere part. Thanks for looking!

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