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John Deere Aluminum Wash Port/Clean Out For Deck - GX22426/GX22425

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Includes aluminum wash port, hose quick coupler, washer and screw for installation

Quick Coupler - GX22425

Fitting - GX22426

Washer - 24M7100

Screw - 37M7089

To Use Wash Port to Clean Mower Deck:

Park machine safely

Attach quick-coupler to garden hose

Attach garden hose with quick-coupler to wash port on the mower deck

Turn on water

Start engine

Run at full throttle

Engage mower blades

Flush water under deck for approximately one minute

Disengage mower blades

Stop engine

Turn off water and remove garden hose and quick-coupler from wash port

Remove quick-coupler from garden hose and store for future use

Restart mower and engage mower deck for appx 5 minutes to dry


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