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John Deere Original Equipment Hand Operated Valve #AM39551

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John Deere Original Equipment Hand Operated Valve #AM39551
Hand Operated Valve - VALVE, FUEL SHUTOFF-PUR.
Fits the following John Deere models: 2243, 318, 420, F910(285001-475016)(475017-750000)(010001-100000), F911, F912, F915, F925, F930, F930(475003-)(285001-475002), T260(475003-)(285001-475002), F932(475011-750000)(475001-475010)(010001-190000), F935(420001-475032)(360001-420000)(475033-750000:010001-190000).
This is a OEM John Deere part. Thanks for looking! 

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