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John Deere Original Equipment Stator - AM33426

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John Deere Original Equipment Stator - AM33426
This part fits;
110 (250001- ) Lawn and Garden Tractor
112 (250001- ) Lawn and Garden Tractor
140 (30001- ) Lawn and Garden Tractor
141, 151 and 161 Vacuum Lawn Sweepers
142, 152 and 162 Vacuum Lawn Sweepers
1500 Utility Vehicle
17.542HS SABRE Lawn Tractor
200, 210, 212, 214 and 216 Lawn and Garden Tractors
208 Lawn and Garden Tractor
300 and 316 ( -95000) Lawn and Garden Tractors
312 and 314 Lawn and Garden Tractors
317 Hydrostatic Tractor
400 Hydrostatic Tractor
60 Skid-Steer Loader
652R EFI MOD Quik-Trak Mower
661R EFI Quik-Trak Mower
7G18 Commercial Walk-Behind Mower
G100 Lawn and Garden Tractor
G110 Garden Tractor
G15 Commercial Walk-Behind Mower
GT225 Lawn and Garden Tractor
L110 Lawn Tractor
L130 Lawn Tractor
L17.542 Scotts Lawn Tractor with 42-inch Mower Deck
LT150 Lawn Tractor
LT160 Lawn Tractor
LX172, LX173, LX176, LX178, LX186 and LX188 Lawn Tractors
LX255 Lawn Tractor
LX266 Lawn Tractor
SABRE 1948GV and 1948HV Yard Tractors
SABRE 2148HV Garden Tractor
SABRE 2354HV Garden Tractor
SABRE 2554HV Garden Tractor
Scotts S1642 Tractors
Scotts S2048 Yard Tractor
SCOTTS S2348 Yard Tractor
Scotts S2554 Garden Tractor
STX30 and STX38 (Yellow Mower Deck) Lawn Tractors
STX38 and STX46 (Black Mower Deck) Lawn Tractors
W61R Commercial Walk-Behind Mower
Z510A Estate ZTrak
Z520A Estate ZTrak
Z710A ZTrak Mower
Z720A ZTrak Mower
Z915B ZTrak B Series Mower
Z915E ZTrak E Series Mower
Z925A EFI Pro ZTrak Mower
Z925M EFI Flex Fuel ZTrak M Series Mower (with 54 or 60-inch deck)
Z925M EFI ZTrak M Series Mower
Z930M EFI ZTrak M Series Mower
Z945M EFI ZTrak M Series Mower
Z955M EFI ZTrak M Series Mower
Z955R EFI ZTrak Commercial Mower
This is an OEM John Deere part.

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