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John Deere Original Equipment Toolbox - AM131672

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John Deere Original Equipment Toolbox - AM131672
This part fits: 
1600 Turbo Wide Area Mower
240, 245, 260, 265, 285 & 320 Lawn and Garden Tractors
215B Lightweight Fairway Mowers
3225B Lightweight Fairway Mowers
3235B Lightweight Fairway Mowers
325, 335 and 345 Lawn and Garden Tractors
328 Square Baler
338 Square Baler
348 Square Baler
355D Diesel Lawn and Garden Tractor
415 Lawn and Garden Tractor
425, 445 & 455 Lawn and Garden Tractors
468 Square Baler
F1145 Front Mower
F911 Front Mower
F912 Front Mowers
F915 Front Mower
F925 Front Mower
F932 Front Mowers
F935 Front Mower
GX325 Lawn and Garden Tractor
GX335 Lawn and Garden Tractor
GX345 Lawn and Garden Tractor
GX355 Lawn and Garden Tractor
This is an OEM John Deere part.

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