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John Deere Original Equipment Hydraulic Cylinder Kit - AHC16982

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John Deere Original Equipment Hydraulic Cylinder Kit - AHC16982
This fits models: 1770NT 12 Row Planter(PC9359), 1775 Flex-Fold Planter(SN760101-)(PC12239), 1775NT Narroe Transport 12&16-Row planter(PC760101-)(12rowPC12240)(16rowPC12248), 1790Front fold planter(North American)(PC9225), 1840Air Seeder(PC9459), 1795 front fold planter (SN760101-)(PC12242), 1870 air hoe drill 76'(23.2M)(North American0(PC12585), 2230FH field cultivator(PC13128), 2230LL level lift fiel cultivator(PC13130), 225 Series, wheel-type offset disk harrow(PC6051), 2310 mulch finisher(PC9646), 2400 chisel plow(PC2765), 2330 mulch finisher(PC12129), 2620, 2623 & 2625 disk(PC11041), 2623VT vertical tillage(PC11043), 2630, 2633 & 2635 disk(PC13471), 2633VT vertical tillage(PC13472), 2660VT vertical tillage(PC13633), 2720 disk ripper(11724), 2730 combo ripper(PC12245), 300, 300X & 300CX loader(PC9456), 300R front loader(PC6174), 320R(PC6175), 335 & 375 round ballerS(PC2274), 400E(PC6173), 400X & 400CX(FOR 4120, 4320, 4520 & 4720)(PC9373), 410, 419, 420, 430 & 460 loader(PC2664), 425 series wheel type offset disk harrow (PC6052), 435 & 535 round ballers(PC2275), 440E round balers9PC13256), 440R loader(PC6176), 446 & 546 round balers(PC2524), 447 round baler(PC10800), 448 round balers(PC9588), 449 round balers(PC11460), 4630 self propelled sprayer(PC9649), 4730 self propelled sprayer(PC9820), 4830 self propelled sprayer(PC9848), 4890 self propelled sprayer(PC9108), 4890 self propelled windower(PC2432), 4895 self propelled windower(PC9108), 4990 self propelled windower(PC2638), 4995 self propelled windower(PC9259), 509, 609 & 709 rotary cutters(PC1451), 510 loader(PC9295), 512 loader(PC9466), 547 round balers(PC9810), 625D advanced draper platform(PC9811), 637 disk(PC2684), 725D advanced draper platform(PC132500), 730 air drill(PC13251), 740Amulch grain drill(PC4293), 7760 cotton picker(round model)(SN -N07760X039000)(PC9650), 9400 maximizer combine(PC2180), 9450 maximizer combine(PC2800), 946 rotary impeller mower cond.(PC10851), 956 rotary impeller mower cond.(PC10953), 9560STS self prpelled combine (PC9562), 9570STS combine(PC9659), 9600 maximizer combine(PC2181), 9650CTS self prpelled combine(PC2803), 9670STSself propelled combine(PC10554), 972 rotary chopper(6078), 9770STS combine(PC11565), 980 field cultivator(PC2390), 9860STS self propelled combine(PC2901), 9986 cotton picker(PC2843), A400 windower(PC10311), C850 air cart(PC13116), CH330 wheel sugarcane harvester(engine 6060HT802)(SN121901-)(PC11953), CH530 wheel sugarcane harvester(engine 6068HT802)(pc12963), CP690 cotton picker(PC12380), CS cotton stripper(PC12381), CTSII combine (PC2752), CX15 & HX15 rotary cutters(PC9262), D170 front loader(PC6130), D450 draper windower(engine 6068HE051)(PC10312), E12 rotary cutter(PC6178), H165 front loader(PC6138), H180 front loader(PC6131), HX10 rotary cutter(PC2792), HX14 rotary cutter(PC2791), L331 large square baler(PC13264), L341 large square baler(PC13265), M15 rotary cutter(PC6179), M20 rotary cutter(PC6180), MX15 rotary cutter(PC9994), MX8 & MX10 rotary cutter(PC2790), N540C air drill(PC13645), R10(PC6181), R15(PC6182), R20 rotary cutter(PC6182), R4023 self propelled sprayer (engine 6068HN062, 4045HN051, 4045HN053)(PC12282), R4030 self propelled sprayer( engine 6060HN059, 6068HN060,6068HN067,6068HN068)(PC11809), R4038 self proplled sprayer(engine 6090HN007, 6090HN008, 6090HN009)(PC12560), R450 self propelled windower(PC10313), S650 combine (SN 765000-785000)(PC11901), S660 combine (SN745100-765171)(PC10716), S860 (SN 745100-76606),(PC10718), S680 combine(SN 766007-785000)(PCPC11896), S680HM combine(SN -765000)(PC10721), S685 combine(PC11802), S690 combine(745-765249)(PC10719), W235 rotart windower(PC11879), W260 rotary windwer(PC12246).
This is a genuine John Deere part. Thanks for looking!

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