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John Deere Original Equipment Pin Fastener - 45M7042

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John Deere Original Equipment Pin Fastener - 45M7042
Fits models: 1023E(PC10463), 1025R(PC11842), 1026R(PC10464), Sprayer200, HD200, HD300 YRS 1998 TO 2006(PC2649), 2020 & 2030 ProGator(PC2763), 2020A ProGator (PC9598), 2030A ProGator (PC9599), 410, 419, 420, 430, 460-(PC2664), 4X2HPX & 4X4HPX Diesel(PC9346), 5045D, 5045E, 5055D, 5055E, 5075E, North American (PC4501), 5076E, (PC6120), 5076EL(PC6121), 5082E(PC6123), 5090E (PC6124), 5090EH(PC6126), 5090EL(PC6125), 5103, 5203, 5303(PC9309), 5105, 5205(PC2767), 5220, 5320(PC9424), 5415, 5415H, 5615, 5715, 5715H(PC6077)(PC6103), 5420 &5520 (PC9425), 5425(pc6101), 5600 & 5700 (PC9669), 5603(PC9197), 5605& 5705 (PC9197), 612FC(PC12922), 647A(PC9322), 657(PC10360), 667A(PC10361), 712FC(PC13370), 717A(PC9320), 717E(PC9474), 727A(PC10358), 9400(PC2180), 9410(PC2700), 9450(PC2800) & STS(PC8626)9500 & 9500 Side hill(PC2179), 9510 & SH9510(PC2701), 9550 &9550SH (PC2801), 9560 &9560SH(PC9205) & STS(PC9562), 9560i STS(PC9563), 9570 STS(PC9752)&(PC9659), 9600(PC2181), 9610(PC2702), 9640WTS, 9660WTS, 9680WTS, 9640i WTS, 9660i WTS, 9680i WTS(PC4377), 9650CTS(PC2803), 9650(PC2802), 9650STS & 9750STS(PC2900)&(PC9241), 9660(PC9206), 9660CTS(PC9207, 9660STS & 9760STS(PC9208), 9670(PC11564)&(PC10554), 9750STS(PC9234), 9770STS(PC11565), 9770STS(PC10555), 9780CTS, 9780i CTS(PC4389), 9860STS(PC2901), 9870STS(PC9661), 9880i STS(PC9529), S430(PC13017), S440(PC13018), S540(PC12064), S550(PC12284), S650(PC11901), S660(PC10716), S670(PC11895), Diameter: .472in., Length: 1.969in., Length to hole: 1.752in., Hole diameter: .126in., Head diameter.787, material: steel
This is a genuine John Deere part. Thanks for looking!

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