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John Deere Original Equipment Screw (Pack of 4) - 19M10348 (4)

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PACK OF 4 John Deere Original Equipment Screw - 19M10348,4

Fits the following Fairway Mower Models: 1550 (60, 62, 72-inch decks), 1570 (60, 62, 72-inch decks), 1575 (60, 62, 72-inch decks), 1580 (60, 62, 72-inch decks), 1585 (60, 62, 72-inch decks) Fits the following Field Cultivator: 2230FH, 2230LL, 2660VT Fits the following Quik-Trak Mower Models: 647A, 657A, 667A Fits the following ZTrak Mower Models: 997, Z997, Z720E, Z730M, Z735E, Z740R, Z915R, Z915B, Z915E, Z920M, Z920R, Z925M, Z930M, Z930R, Z945M, Z950M, Z950R, Z955M, Z960M, Z960R, Z970R, Z994R, Z997R

Licensed John Deere OEM Product. Thanks for looking!

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