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Kendall (2.5 GALLON) HYKEN® 052 FARM TRACTOR LUBRICANT - 1079050,1

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2.5 GALLONS - Kendall HYKEN® 052 FARM TRACTOR LUBRICANT - 1079050.
Multipurpose Hydraulic/Transmission/Final Drive Fluid for Farm Tractors.
Kendall® Hyken 052 is a multi-functional fluid specially formulated for use in farm tractors and other off-highway equipment requiring one lubricant for the transmission, final drive, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems. It meets the performance requirements of all major brands of farm tractors and other farm equipment that utilize a common fluid reservoir.
Excellent oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
Excellent wear protection for clutches, gears, and hydraulic pumps.
Prevents brake chatter and grabbing.
Protects against rust and corrosion.
Excellent seal compatibility.
Good foam resistance.
Two viscosity grades for use in most climates.
Hyken 052 is available in two viscosity grades for use over a wide range of temperatures. The heavier viscosity grade is suitable for year-round use in most climates, whereas the “Low Viscosity” grade is recommended for use in cold climates where a John Deere J20D fluid is specified.
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