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ONE Replacement Blade for John Deere TCU15882 - B1JD6018 XHT USA MADE

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Replacement XHT Lawnmower blade. XHT(Xtreme Hardness & Toughness) blades are 25-40% harder than standard lawnmower blades. Benefits of the HXT blade are sharper and longer lasting cutting edges. More resistance to bending. Tighter tolerances in the aftermarket vs. OEM. XHT blades also offer greater impact toughness.
• (3) blades needed for 72" cut. Fits 7-iron deck.
Center Hole: 29/32"
Length: 25"
Thickness: .250
Type: High Lift
Width: 3"
Crossed From: EPC201693 JOHN DEERE
M96743 SHOUP
12643 ROTARY
330-505 STENS
330-506 STENS
330505 STENS
330506 STENS
50-4881 WINDSOR
504881 WINDSOR
92-114 OREGON
92114 OREGON
Fits the following models:
John Deere (UNDEFINED): SEVERAL (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 3120 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 3320 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 3520 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 3720 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4120 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4300 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4320 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4400 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4500 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4520 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4600 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4700 (72")
John Deere COMPACT TRACTOR: 4720 (72")
John Deere RIDING MOWER: 1420 (72")
1435 (72"), 1445, 1545 (72"), 1550 (72"), 1565 (72"), 1570 (72"), 1575 (72"), 1580 (72"), 1585 (72"), 997 (72"),
John Deere ZERO-TURN: Z810A Z-TRAK (72"), Z820A Z-TRAK (72"), Z830A Z-TRAK (72"),Z840A Z-TRAK (72"),
Z850A Z-TRAK (72"), Z910A Z-TRAK (72"), Z915B Z-TRAK (72"), Z920A Z-TRAK (72"), Z920M Z-TRAK (72"), Z920R Z-TRAK (72"), Z925A Z-TRAK (72"), Z925M EFI Z-TRAK (72")Z930A Z-TRAK (72"), Z930M EFI Z-TRAK (72"), Z930M Z-TRAK (72"), Z930R Z-TRAK (72"), Z950A Z-TRAK (72"), Z950M Z-TRAK (72"), Z950R Z-TRAK (72"), Z960A Z-TRAK (72"), Z960R Z-TRAK (72"), Z970A Z-TRAK (72"), Z970R Z-TRAK (72"), Z997R Z-TRAK (72"), 777 Z-TRAK (72"), 797 Z-TRAK (72"),
Mowers and tractors can come with varying size blades for the same models. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify this blade purchase with the given OEM numbers and sizes to fit your application. If your blades need the RGA return address, buyer will be responsible for return shipping and restocking fee(s).
SHIPPING: Orders usually ship within 2-4 business days upon payment being received. Ship times are typically one day (Monday-Friday), but it may take longer for us to receive and upload the tracking information. Blades ship directly from various warehouses across the US via UPS Ground. Address changes CANNOT be made once the order is placed. UPS is the shipping method and a phone number is required (by UPS), not supplying this information may result in a delivery delay. A physical address must be provided, NO PO BOXES.
FREE SHIPPING to the contiguous U.S. only! If you are outside of these states, your order will be cancelled.
Please direct any questions to us through eBay messages. We will respond as quickly as possible. Please ask if you are not sure if these are the correct blades for your unit.

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