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Riggin-Buckingham-Port A Wrap-3/4" - B1AB601L

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PART NO. A-B1AB601L. RIGGING-BUCKINGHAM-PORT A WRAP-3/4".   The Port-A-Wrap is the strongest, easiest friction lowering device on the market. Commonly used with one of our Whoopie slings, this device can lower even the heaviest of trees safely and easily to the ground.   The wide diameter of the centerpiece creates more surface area for your rope creating even more friction with fewer wraps. In addition, this design decreases the bend in your line increasing the lifespan of your line.   The Port-A-Wrap is heavy-duty steel and comes in two sizes accommodating rope up to 3/4" in diameter. Safe working load of up to 2000 lbs. Construction Steel Diameter 3/4" Tensile 18,000 lbs Working Load Limit 2000 lbs. MODELS: (Miscellaneous) (Undefined): SEVERAL
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