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Briggs & Stratton Carburetor - 799773

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Compatible with: 25T232-0013-G1, 25T232-0019-H7, 25T232-0058-H1, 25T232-0160-G1, 25T232-0268-H1, 25T235-0110-G1, 25T235-0111-G1, 25T235-0111-G2, 25T235-0114-B1, 25T235-0132-B1, 25T235-0132-H7, 25T235-0267-H1, 25T237-0005-B1, 25T237-0012-G1, 25T237-0054-G1, 25T237-0060-H1, 25T237-0137-B1, 25T237-0139-G1, 25T237-0165-B1, 25T237-0293-H1.

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