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Oregon 17" Gator Blade (SET OF 6) - 92616

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SET OF 6 - Oregon 17" Gator Blade - 92616 Oregon Gator G3 92-616 is your go-to blade in all conditions including wet, dry, and sandy turf. Gator G3 blades offer superior mulching, fewer bag stops, and cleaner side discharge than the standard manufacturer blade. Specs: 17" .675 Center Hole Replaces: John Deere - AM137757, AM137758, AM141035, AM141036, GX21784, GX21785, GX21786, GY20852, Gator G3 Stens - 302-440 Rotary- 11596 Sunbelt - B1PD5017 Made in USA This is an Aftermarket part. Thanks for looking!

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